Friday, November 18, 2011

Tall Tales

A few notes:

-I don't know how to change the time on here. That first post was not made at 7:30am, you can rest assured of that.

-Previously I mentioned that I did not know why I started this thing up, but I think it has two root causes:

1.) My course load next semester is stupid. I would like to think that I have worked very hard during my undergraduate career to this point: I'm going to graduate in four years with a double major. I'm trying to rationalize that I've earned the right to take 4 pass/fail electives (3 of them online). I'm not sure that is justifiable, and I am likely doing a serious disservice to myself and society at large. I'm going to have an obscene amount of free time, and I need to do something productive to keep myself occupied. Blogging will be one of many distractions (plan on sewing myself a pair of moccasins as well). Also, I'm taking a course on emergency first aid which segues nicely to point numero deux:

2.) Five friends and I are going out West this summer (which seems very far away when it's 22 degrees outside). We're going to spend six weeks together, driving for six weeks and 9,000 miles in a circuit that covers every state in the continental US (sans North Dakota). It should be an amazing trip. My dad went to Europe when he was roughly my age, and he absolutely loved his trip and has told me about it roughly 632 times over the course of the last 22 years. And I have listened eagerly each and every time. Well maybe not every time but most. I find that, when I'm sitting around chatting with my friends, oftentimes the topic turns to a trip we have taken together. Whether it's a short trip to Louisville to grab a bite to eat, or a hot-mess-of-fun trip to New Orleans for New Year's Eve, traveling creates memories that seem to hang on longer and stronger than others. With that in mind, I think a blog will be an excellent way to share parts of our trip, and will also serve as a way to encapsulate some of the sights, sounds, and memories of a trip that is sure to create more than a few tales for my kids someday. 

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