Monday, November 21, 2011

I Don't Want a Large Farva

It has become very common to hear people discuss the ever-growing size of the American diet (and waistline). One often hears of the obscene size of American portions when compared to those in Europe (or Lord help if we start talking about people who are suffering from hunger in Africa and elsewhere around the globe). Tonight my roommate and I went to the grocery store and then stopped by everyone's favorite burrito joint, Qdoba. Not getting into a discussion about the ginormous size of their offerings (which I can ashamedly say I finished and it was delicious), there is still room to talk about a new offer they have going. This deal allows you to purchase a cup (made from 50% recycled material!) and reuse it on each subsequent visit. Sounds like a win-win, right? Consumer saves money, business saves money, and you save the whales and the trees of our dearest planet Earth. That would be the case if the only size of cup they offered wasn't large enough to pull things into its orbit:

Yes, that is a normal size tape dispenser. I can't even lift it with one hand.

I love the idea of the reusable cup for all of the aforementioned reasons. But it sort of defeats the purpose when the cup they offer is nearly the size of a swimming pool. Seriously, I could put at least three goldfish in that thing and give them a super neat ceramic castle to play hide-and-go-freaking-seek in. I would have been just as content with a normal 16oz cup. Tickled pink. Happy as a lark. I have little doubt that in order to market this idea, however, Qdoba felt like they had to offer us Americans a "deal." And so we get this 44oz, diabetes-inducing, cavity-forming, make-you-jitterier-than-a-junkie, kidney-blasting, and bladder-rupturing monstrosity. 

Sad thing is, I'll end up drinking the whole damn thing.


  1. There are starving kids in Africa.

  2. There are cars stuck in yards in Marrowbone. You need to prioritize your problems, LT.